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Elite Dangerous Mining Equipment

Elite dangerous.All discussions.Im quite new to things and im wonder about ship equipment and upgrades.So there are here and there discussions and guides about recommended equipments alinging to certain ships with certain uses.Aaah the old days mining in the mantxe belt and going back to kokojina with a tiny cargo bay full of.

Equipment Class And Rating Elite Dangerous

Hi there, since ive found no real good information in the whole internet i will try posting here what is item class and rating so far i know that class is somewhat the size of a part.But does it change the effiency of a part so is a class 1 rating a fsd worse than a class 3 rating a fsd thanks in advance.

Elite Dangerous Database Eddb

With the release of horizons, a lot has been done in order to make eddb as ready as possible for the new content.All new commodities have been added.The new station type planetary outpost and the new economy colony have been added unknown stations coming from eddn are being created automatically.Those are likely planetary stations and are tagged as those.

Elite Dangerous Ship Builds Exploration Cmdrs

Ship krait phantom purpose exploration coriolis link here designed by down to earth astronomy description a krait phantom build with 65 ly jump range made for exploration.This ship is already fitted with most scanners and equipment you will need out in the black, and there is even plenty of room in the build to add you own modules in case your want more optional modules like limpets.

Pmc Elite Dangerous

Welcome to pmc tacticals elite dangerous pages.We are the old school pmc space monkeys from 1984 these pages are just cmdr snake mans personal notes, written since start of premium beta testing, these are not meant to be mainstream web site stuff.If some of the pages are out of context, odd, incomplete or off color whatever, now you know why.

Elite Dangerous Weapons Lave Wiki

These are shown with t when outfitting your ship.Turreted weapons in elite dangerous allow your can fire against your current target regardless of where your ship is facing although they can be quite inaccurate meaning you need to aim your ship even less precisely than both gimballed and fixed weapons, but again offer slightly reduced damage per hit when compared to both gimballed.