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Ink Off Inside Of Dryer Drum

I have a well and every where water drips it will turn blue.The shower and bath tub has blue where the grand kids dont turn off all the way and it drips.Behind the tolet where the hose was dripping.It something in the well water.Maybe iron.Yes, my dryer has blue inside, too.Its really hard to get off.It doesnt come off on clothes.

Getting Ink From A Pen Off From The Inside Of A Dryer

The exact thing happened to me i got the ink off of the clothes by using shout and tide and the oxy stuff cant remember the exact name but its in a small tub and its a powder and after two washes the ink was gone and it was on my husbands white dress shirt for work.I am going to try to use the eraser sponge on the dryer.

How To Fix Dye Stains In The Dryer Home Ec 101

How to fix dye stains in the dryer.January 31, 2017 by heather solos leave a comment.Once the stains have all been removed, wipe the inside of the drum thoroughly with the other damp cloth to remove any detergent residue which can leave marks on your clothing.If this does not work, contact your manufacturer for further suggestions.

How To Remove Blue Jean Stains From A Dryer Hunker

Most dryers have a life expectancy of about 13 years, which can be greatly reduced without the proper care and cleaning of your appliance.In addition to regularly cleaning out your lint trap, the vents and the outside of your appliance, occasional stains will appear on the inside of the dryer.

Water In Clothes Dryer Forum Bob Vila

First off, to set the stage, the dryer is electric and dries clothes just fine, its a kitchenaid that is vented with straight pipe about 12 feet through an exterior wall with a louvered vent cap.

How Do You Remove Ink From A Dryer Blurtit

Heres how to remove ink from the inside of the dryer to prevent it form getting on to your clothes.First, make sure that you dryer is unplugged to avoid the danger of getting electrocuted.Take a rag and drench it with lacquer thinner.Use the rag to wipe the spot where there are ink stains.The ink should easily come off using this method.

Please Help Pen Broke In Dryer The Dis Disney

It looks like i got most of the excess off and the rest is baked into the dryer, which although doesnt look great, it looks much better than it did an hour ago.Your response makes me feel so much better that it happened to you years ago but you dont have any ink on your clothes.My dryer drum sounds like the inside of yours.

How Do I Get Ball Point Pen Ink Off Of The Drum Inside

I have ink inside my dryer too.Ive tried everything, and it wont come off.It doesnt rub off on the clothes though, so i dont worry about it.