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Put Cyclone Dust Collector Outside Bill Pentz

My situation is this.I have no dust collection system in place to speak of.I have what i thought was a good industrial style dust collector see the attached picture, but i havent installed the duct work.After reading bill pentzs articles on dust collectors i dont think what i.

Anyone Using The True Pentz Design

Their systems are based on 5hp, which, by the way, is the minimum that bill pentz recommends for a standard shop to be able to get the flow sufficient for the invisible dust that is most harmful.Now, stumpy nubs built a bill pentz cyclone completely out of wood and goes through the build process on his web site.

My Cyclone Waynes Woodwork

On bills site you will find the plans that i used to make your own cyclone dust collector dc using a 2hp or better bag type dc as a base.I would really like to thank bill.

Dust Collector Reviews Clear Vue Cyclones 1800lh

Clear vue cyclones stood out in my analysis.Plus the product is american made by a small, innovative company using the cyclone design of bill pentz, an iconic figure who has been a major advocate for modernizing small shop dust collection, and whose research has influenced much of my own thinking on this topic.If a dust collector from.

Best Dust Collection If Venting Outside By Lsgss

I have been doing a lot of research, including reading bill pentzs website.I was thinking of purchasing a clear vue cyclone.However i was wondering since i plan to vent outside does it really matter to get a 2 stage cyclone dust collector.It seems single stage dust collectors are a lot cheaper and have a much higher cfm for a given hp.

Bill Pentz Design Reduced In Size Canadian

Re bill pentz design reduced in size i know and thats the problem.I keep looking at the grizzly 1 12 and 2 hp and even the bb 1 hp cx 401 although i think they are underpowered, especially the cx.When i first started getting into woodworking a couple of years ago bill pentz.

Cyclone Dust Collector Diy Builds

I bought a stock harbor freight 2hp dust collector and converted it to a 2 stage cyclone separator using a piece of 24 gauge sheet metal that i had cut a local machine shop for 50, some scrap wood and a 20 55 gal barrel.On the body of the duct collector i put foil tape on the inside to plug the stock mounting holes and on the outside.

Discharging A Dust Collector Directly Outside The

By venting directly outside you also have, when not in use, the outside vented directly to the dust collector.I would think there would be issues with moisture, bugs and the like.I can see the fine particles building up, glued together with the resin and humidity and gradually filling up the duct.

Venting Outside And Ducting Clear Vue Cyclone

I would prefer to vent outside.I dont want to give that up until i hear from more people on running a dust collector without opening doorwindow.2 my research indicates a five foot straight run is necessaryrecommended right off the collector.Can there be drops from this or must this be an uninterrupted 5 foot run.

Dust Collection Large Single Phase Vs Small Cyclones

Earlier today i was comparing the dust deputy dd on a good shop vac with a large single phase dust collector.A dd on a good shop vac fein or festool is about the same price as a 12 hp single phase dust collector.Are the single phase that bad to put up with the hassles of a very small cyclone.

Planned Dust Collection System Jpthienm

vent outside just seems like the best way avoid a lot of potential issuespowerful blower.I have a 3phase 4kw motor i plan to use in a jointerplaner, somewhat overkill for the small 8 machine i have, but i got it cheaply.I guess it can be refitted later for to a dust collector impellerfan and be more suited to that task.

Proper Sizing For Dc Ductingow Right Is Bill Pentz

Well, since i have the hose, blast gates, and fittings, only thing i am missing is the pipe, and honestly, getting everything in 6 would be a pure and simple pita at this stage, the system, at least for now, is going together with 4 sd pipe.

Woodworking Shop Dust Collectors Ars Technica

Woodworking shop dust collectors.Dust swirling around outside where my boys play.Bill pentz has done a ton of research and i.Videosassemblyoneidadustgorillaprocyclonedustcollector.

Cyclonic Dust Separation Overview

The cyclone is based on an uppercone ratio of 1.64 the length of the cone is 1.64 the diameter of the upper section, which has been shown to work very well.If you are making a cyclone out of sheet steel bill pentzs fantastic excel spreadsheet can scale the design and calculates all the dimensions for you.

Ultimate Dust Deputy Bag Sucks Up To Cyclone

Re ultimate dust deputy bag sucks up to cyclone reply 9 on march 10, 2011, 0104 am as has been stated you need to let the negative pressure pull the bag to the sides of the box before connecting the top cyclone hose.

Dust Collector Filter Idea Woodworking Talk

From what i have read, particularly on the bill pentz and phil thien web sites, neither a thien separator nor a high powered 3hp dc with a pentz type cyclone will remove all of the really fine particles.The pentz design can apparently get down to 5 microns, but note that the pentz approved clearvue does have a final filter.