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Diy Dust Collector With Thein Baffle

This is where a dust separator comes in.The idea is to have a chamber that is inline between your tool and the dust extraction youre using.The chamber is intentionally shaped to circulate the incoming dust in a cyclone, allowing the heavy sawdust and other chunks to fall into a bucket.This is similar to how bagless vacuum cleaners work.

Thien Baffle Dust Separator Dust Collector Diy Dust

Thien baffle dust separator.June 2020.Hello all, i made this dust collector in order to extend the life of my shop vacuum.After clogging my shop vacuum filter and having to blow it out in order to restore the performance of my shop vacuum.Cnc router table, diy cnc router, dust deputy, shop dust collection, dark wood bedroom furniture.

I Want To Build A Thien Baffle But Machinery Tools

In rebuilding my shop after move, i intended to build a thien baffle for my rigid shopvac.Part of it is the function preserve the good vf6000 filter i put in the vac, and also slightly easier to emptyswap buckets that empty the vac.But part of it is the intangible joy of the build and pushing the limits of its effectiveness.

Thien Baffle Vsyclone Efficiency Comparison

Thien baffle 439 cfm837 cfm 52 or 48 loss of airflow cyclone 634 cfm837 cfm 76 or 24 loss of airflow so as you can see the oneida super dust deputy is about 50 more efficient than the thien baffle 52 to 76 and only has half of the efficiency loss as the thien baffle.

Making A Cyclone Chip Separator For A Dust Collector

However, adding a thein baffle, a cyclone or other means of spinning out debris and such will not change your collector from a dust pump to a hazard free collection system.If your stock bag or cartridge filter isnt capable of trapping one micron or, preferably, smaller particles, consider upgrading, as soon as possible.

Centrifugal Dust Separator Woodgears

Centrifugal dust separator a conventional cyclone separator needs a fair amount of vertical height to allow the dust to drop down the cone.An alternative form of cyclone is what is known as a thienbaffle.In a thienbaffle, the air spirals in a flat shape from the edge to the center, whereas in a cyclone it moves in more of a helical pattern down the cone and then back up the middle.

Thien Baffle Question The Sawdustzone

The thein baffle works off of the same criteria as a cyclone, cyclones have the outlet air stream in the center of the chamber.What the thein baffle accomplishes is accomplished by the funnel shaped portion of a cyclone and the fact that the cyclone does not store the separated materials but drops them into another container.

Making An Internal Thien Baffle For A Hf Dust

To mount the baffle, i used 1 dowels and put hanger bolts in both ends.This way i could secure it with nuts and the baffle would be removable.The dowels need an angle on one end to mate with the dust collector ring, so i predrilled for the hanger bolt before cutting the angle.This allowed me to use the offcuts as angled washers.

Improved Thien Baffle Dust Collector Design From

Jan 15, 2017 best thein collector almost 100 improved thien baffle dust collector design from two buckets youtube stay safe and healthy.Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times.

Making An Internal Thien Baffle For A Hf Dust

Making an internal thien baffle for a hf dust collector by rex b lumberjocks.Com woodworking community david potter woodworking dust collector, garage shop, tool storage, woodworking shop, diy and crafts, workshop ideas, bud, construction, collection.

Dust Deputy Vs Bucket Lid Vs Thein Vs My Version

021 oneida dust deputy 052 plain diy bucket lid 136 thein baffle 1st attempt 216 thein baffle 2nd attempt 236 semitheinclone short outflow 315 semitheinclone long outflow 359 semitheinclone medium outflow 427 test results.

1113 Best Dust Collector Images In 2020 Dust

Shop fox w1826 wall dust collector, 2.5 micron filtration tools shop fox w1826 wall dust collector, 2.5 micron filtration this wall mounted dust collector is designed to capture dust right at the source, eliminating the reduced efficiency of a duct system.

Cyclone Vs Thien Baffle Vs The Thing You Can Buy That

The problem is neither of you compared the thien baffle to a cyclone.Kenbo built a thien separator for his shop vac and he gets nothing in the shop vac.I would say they are about equal to the dust deputy with very little difference.Now between the lid separator and either the cyclone or a thien baffle there is a big difference.

Thein Baffle Patent Drawing And Info This Shows

Thein baffle patent drawing and info this shows information differently then most websites diy router table shop dust collection patent drawing dust collector wood dust woodworking jigs carpentry wood tools welding projects.

How To Make A Dust Collector Youtube Dust

How to make a dust collector.Thein style baffle lid for use with my shop vac.I had been saving for a dust collector for a while and was about to pull the trigger on it and wham.Life got in the way.Diy dust collectorseparator home made in less than 20 minutes with a bucket and spare vacuum parts.

Thein Baffle Vs Dust Deputy Woodwork Forums

Thein baffle vs dust deputy.He never actually showed us the reading on the anemometer for the thein baffle either, so he could have faked the whole thing.I seriously doubt it though.It is smart to put a screen between the collector and the blower to keep chunky bits out if the collector can fills up and the dustshavings etc fill up.

My Thien Baffle Woodworking Talk Woodworkers

The ridgid shopvac filter as it was before using the baffle some is the mdf dust from making the baffle.What was in the shopvac contents dumped on floor note that this is just general shop cleanup, not just woodworking dust, but paper, plastic, glass, etc.Shopvac after dumping on the floor.

Thein Style Baffle Lid For Use With My Shop Vac

Thein style baffle lid for use with my shop vac.April 2020.I had been saving for a dust collector for a while and was about to pull the trigger on it and wham.Life got in the way.When you have two kids in college that tends to happen from time to time.Dust collector diy garage vacuums shop dust collection paint buckets homemade tools.

Jhil Thiens Cyclone Separator Lid W The Thien

Apr 11, 2014 j.Phil thiens cyclone separator lid w the thien cyclone separator baffle.Apr 11, 2014 j.Phil thiens cyclone separator lid w the thien cyclone separator baffle.Stay safe and healthy.Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and.

Dust Stumpy Nubs

This video contains some ideas for making your singlestage dust collector the kind with the big bag filter more efficient.Build a thien baffle we make two versions one with a trashcan for a full size dust collector, and one with a 5 gallon pail for a shop vacuum.

Internal Thien Baffle For Hf Dc Tutorial Family

First i removed the cyclone tube from the dc i then cut a 20 square piece of 12 mdf and drew two lines corner to corner to get my center point.I then rough cut a 19 circle from it.The interior diameter was 18 78 for the cyclone.I mounted a 14 bolt in the t track of my router.