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Thien Baffle Inside Dust Collector

Making a dust collector cone separator.I have a jet cannister dust collector.I like the unit, except for the periodic messy, dusty, dirty cleaning of the cannister.This is a picture of the baffle as a dry test fit.I held the piece while turning on the dust collector.The baffle will hold up, but there is a decent amount of force which.

5 Gallon Bucket Thien Baffle Dust Collector Next

Home home projects 5 gallon bucket thien baffle dust collector.A 34 piece of plywood cut into a circle on the table saw with a slight lip cut into the bottom that snugly fits inside the upper bucket.Then a hole was cut into the top for the vacuum pipe.The pipe was pressed in and sealed with some silicone.

Thien Baffle The International Association Of Penturners

Ok.I have found on some woodworking sites where some people have put the thien baffle inside the dust collector and also modified the collector to use a wynn filter on top instead of the bag.

Installing A Harbor Freight Dust Collector Outside

Installing a harbor freight dust collector outside.The first thing i did was set up my trash can, thien baffle, and the collector of the hf unit.I took a measurement from the ground up to the intake port of the collector.Then moved inside my shop and went up that same distance.

Modified Harbor Freight Dust Collector Jays Custom

Another mod i put in place was to make the thien into a top hat version by inserting an 11 length of 18 sonotube between the baffle and the hf inlet ring.After watching some online videos of these things in action, i guesstimated an angle for the debris swirl inside the top hat, and therefore the placement of the solid part of the.

My 55 Gallon Thien Cyclone Questions Answered The

In effect, it creates a cyclone type separator inside of the dust bin.The accelerating air reducing radius circular flow efficiently separates the dust from the air.If you use a cone shaped baffle instead of flat would produce even higher velocities as the air nears the exit.

Thein Style Baffle Lid For Use With My Shop Vac

Thein style baffle lid for use with my shop vac.April 2020.I had been saving for a dust collector for a while and was about to pull the trigger on it and wham.Life got in the way.The thien cyclone separator lid w the thien cyclone separator baffle.This thing really works.Kovts gbor megvsroland dolgok.

Thien Baffle Placement Question The Sawdustzone

Thien baffle placement question 02172009, 1047 am im going to be adding a wynn filter and a thien baffle to my hfdc and after searching high and low i cant find any guidance as to the best vertical placement of the baffle inside of the filterbag holder ring.

Woodworking Dust Collector Tips The Guide For

Cyclone.Like a thien baffle the rout of airflow follows an indirect path of flow and separates heavier chips and dust to the bottom.This then will, in turn, allow clean debris free air be returned back to your dust collector.

5 Gallon Cyclone Dust Collector By Looper Thingiverse

The extra heightvolume created by having the second bucket and the thien baffle slot cut into the bottom of the top bucket is key to proper dust separation.We are creating a tornado in the two buckets and thien baffle allows the dirtdust, caught in the vortex, to drop into the bottom bucket while letting the cleaner air to be sucked into.

Thien Baffle On Jet Dust Collector Mosesharry2s Blog

Thien baffle on jet dust collector hfdc with phil thien baffle.But of course the dust goes right thru it to the filter.I have the jet dc.I love my thien converted hf dust collector.It collects.I had great success applying a thien baffle to my jet dust collector.I have been using a eurekazone rail cutting system which uses a circular saw.

Thein Baffle Vs Dust Deputy Page 3 Woodwork

Thein baffle vs dust deputy if this is your first visit please note.I think this may work very well by ditching the soft dust collector bag and making no attempt to seal up all the gaps.Problem is you have to be able to access the tilt and height controls.Thien baffle dust extractor.By headscratcher in forum dust extraction.

A Thien Cyclone Dust Separator In General

Re a thien cyclone dust separator reply 13 on february 01, 2017, 034630 pm thanks for the clarification, what i had in mind was the second picture the plastic grizzly lid since i could buy it, put it on and use it at once.

Building A Diy Dust Separator Thien Cyclone Did It

As phil thien says in his design, the baffle is a critical piece of the separator.This allows dust whipping around the inside of the separator to drop into the bucket and not get picked back up.I started by making a slightly smaller circle than the last one.This needs to.