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Oneida Mini Gorilla Dust Collector

Congrats on the new dust collector i really like the new design.I wish they had a tradein or tradeup programbut then i would have to figure out how to ship mine backnever mind.I bought a minigorilla several years ago still works great.The main body cyclone is metal.Ill bet the new one is alot lighter.

Oneida Mini Gorilla 1p Portable 22 Galyclone

Oneida mini gorilla 1.5hp portable 22 gal.Cyclone dust collector xxpm010100h 1,399.99 this portable cyclone dust collector was rated top tool of 2017 by fine woodworking thanks to its powerful u.S.Fan blower motor, 22 gallon dropdown bin, fill viewer, liner bag.

Oneida Air Systems Hepa Filter For Mini Gorilla

Keep your minigorilla dust collector working efficiently with this replacement filter.Featuresflame guard hepa media filter size 1012 x 1912 fits oneida air systems minigorilla only.

1p Molded Mini Gorilla Portable Dust Collector

The new molded minigorilla xxpm010100h is one of oneida airs best designed systems to date designed specifically for small shops where the collector is moved from tool to tool, our new minigorilla combines the quality and performance of an industrial system with the features and convenience of commercial units.

Heartwood Blog Archive Oneida Mini Gorilla Dust

For many years, dust collection in my shop had been the basic bagoverbag singlestage collector familiar to most of us small shop woodworkers.A few years ago i upgraded to the oneida mini gorilla, a cyclone collector, and it has been excellent.Ive received many inquiries about it from woodworkers considering upgrading their dust collection system, so i hope this report will be helpful.

Oneida Mini Dust Gorilla Feedback Finewoodworking

My oneida mini dust gorilla arrived in late april.I got the 220v model.The packaging was good, it arrived via ups without any damage.All of the boxes were manageable.It was a project putting it together, but i didnt have any problems, all of the parts were there and i didnt have to drill any holes.Instructions were clear.

Dust Collection Laguna Vs Oneida Canadian

Re dust collection laguna vs oneida myself i have a 3hp super dust gorilla, but in your case it looks like the laguna might be the better choice due to the higher cfm rating and larger collection bin but price can also be a issue, what is the cost of the oneida.

1p Portable Molded Mini Gorilla Hepa Dust Collector

Description portable, powerful, perfectly designed.The new molded minigorilla is one of oneida airs best designed systems to date designed specifically for small shops where the collector is moved from tool to tool, our new minigorilla combines the quality and performance of an industrial system with the features and convenience of personal home units.

5hp Super Dust Gorilla Hepa Cyclone Dust Collector

Oneida air systems is proud to introduce the latest evolution of our world famous cyclone dust collectors the new dust gorilla pro.Combining the awardwinning features of our super dust gorilla with the rugged construction of our pro series, this new system will help you maximize your investment and ensure that your shop is running at peak.

Oneida And The Mini Gorilla Woodworking Talk

Im in the market for a new dust collector and ive been reading a great deal.In fact, based on reviews of quick turn around and excellecnt customer service, ive placed an order with oenida for their minigorilla.Its a 110 cyclone system with 650 cfm.The mobile base and steel drum were extra but were talking over 1,000 to get this to my.

Oneida Air Systems Super Dust Gorilla

View and download oneida air systems super dust gorilla owners manual online.2 hp cyclonic dust collector.Super dust gorilla dust collector pdf manual download.

Oneida Mini Gorilla Power Tools Wood Talk Online

Okay that being the case id suggest looking at something more like the oneida v3000.As brendont mentioned the gorilla mini is more of a high end shopvac type collector and even directly connected to each tool with a run of 10ft or so of flex hose it would probably barely pull enough cfm for larger chip and dust producers like a planer or edgedrum sander in case you add one of those in.

Dust Collection Installing The Super Dust Gorilla

Good dust collection is a productivity saver.Good fine dust collection is a lung saver.Thats why i invested money into a powerful dust collector with preseparation.I did a lot of research and decided on the super dust gorilla from oneida air.It has a powerful 3hp motor, cyclone separator, and.

Mini Dust Gorilla 2 The Shop Wood Talk Online

The minigorilla would he used for my jointer 6 powermatic and planer 13 lunch boxer.One tool at a time will be connected to the collector.Seems to have lots of positives, but the size of the drum 22 gallon and the cfm under 800 cfm are flags for me.

Assembly Of An Oneida Dust Gorilla Pro Cyclone Dust

What happened to clearvue before we get into the assembly of an oneida dust gorilla pro cyclone dust collector, lets address the elephant in the room what happened to the clearvuejust like my table saw, i took the move to colorado as an opportunity to try something new.

Smaller Size For Oneida Dust Collectors Woodshop

Oneida introduced two new dust collectors at iwf 2008 the 1hp dust cobra and the 112hp minigorilla.The dust cobra is a combination vacuumdust collector, while the minigorilla is a portable version of the companys larger cyclone collector.

Oneida Xxp010100 Mini Gorilla Hingmy

The minigorilla is a patented, portable cyclone collector.It has a true high efficiency cyclone with ultrafine separation, so you will never lose suction, and your filter wont clog.Its industrial quality, heavy duty construction is built to last a lifetime.Its extremely quiet, mobile, and perfect for the small shop.

Clear Vue Vsneida Clear Vue Cyclone Forums

Thanks, dwd.I will indeed check out the photo gallery and do the oneida search as you suggested.I currently have a 2hp delta 50181 dust collector thats about 12 years old that no longer does an adequate job especially when collecting dust from sanders collects more shavings in the bag than the barrel and is most difficult to empty.

The Tool Crib Cyclone Dust Collectors Gorilla Vs.

Oneida gorilla owners 14 oneida air systems the dust gorilla.Clear vue owners 13 clear vue cyclone.Grizzly 2hp owners 6 grizzly g0440 2 hp cyclone dust collector.Cyclone dust collector resources build your own cyclone dust collector bill pentz plan dust collection basics this is info from bill pentz, who developed the design.

Oneida Mini Gorilla Finewoodworking

Minigorilla.Yep, medicinedog, my minigorilla is still humming along if 74db can be called humming.I still cant see any dust escaping the pleated filter even when i shine a flashlight beam beside it and view against a dark background.