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Thien Baffle Dust Collector

I just bought a hf 2hp dust collector and built a separator w a thien baffle in a 30 gal galvanized garbage can.Finally finished the separator today and am amazed at how well it works.Sucked up 2.53 gallons of sawdust and ended up w less than a cup of very fine sawdust in the bottom bag of the dust collector.

Shop Vac Thien Baffle Dust Collector For 15

Dude.This is so exciting, i might just poop on the floor.Carpenter friend these are the main components of a thien baffle dust collector for a shopvac.Youll need to byobucket and some material to make the baffle itself.Youll need to print 34 support blocks, 1 outlet washer, 1 outlet picking a clearance size, 1 one inlet ditto.This initial upload was just for fitting a ridgid 17.

Thien Baffle Dust Extractor With Quick Change Bucket

Round vacuum cleaners usually have their inlets on the side, but the suction needs to be in the centre of the base, for the thien baffle.The side inlet is blocked see photo and a 50mm hole drilled in the centre of the base of the vacuum cleaner, to take a piece of pvc pipe 150mm long which protrudes 30mm into the dust bag and about halfway into the baffle area.

Thien Baffle Centrifugal Dust Separator With Images

The quest for an affordable dustcollecting cyclone, part 2 j.Phil thiens diy cyclone baffle core77 if youve ever seen a dustcollecting cyclone in person i checked one out in dino makropoulos new jersey shop, youll be surprised at how simple and jeezicouldbuildwunnathese it looks.Woodworker j.Phil thien figured he could build a.

Super Dust Deputy Xl Vs Thien Baffle Sawmill Creek

Im running a thien baffle with a 2 hp harbor fright dust collector and im venting it outside.Where i vent it, i have yet to see any debris.There are a few different variations in the thien baffle.I would recommend having the intake enter tangentially like it is when you repurpose the original metal center section of the single stage dc.

Making A Dust Collector Cone Separator

A thien baffle will do what the cone does, only better.And i used a discarded 16 frying pan as a baffle and couldnt believe the dramatic improvement in the performance of my delta 50850.Almost no dust goes into the canister.

5 Gallon Bucket Thien Baffle Dust Collector Next

5 gallon bucket thien baffle dust collector posted on january 26, 2017 by nathan darnell no comments my original dust collector was just an old shop vacuum.

Dust Collector Muffler Woodcraft

The collectors performance didnt change, but the muffler cut down the noise level so that i could find and fix the leaks in my ductwork by listening for the hisses of air at the fittings.To make the muffler, i used a jigsaw to remove the bottoms from both buckets and then attached them, bottom to.

How To Build A 99 Efficient Cyclone Dust Collector

This applies more to the so3 than the nomad since the so3 can fill up a shop vac in a relatively short time.However, a smaller version would be helpful for the nomad also benefits the 5 gallon bucket is very easy to empty you can see when the bucket is getting full your vacuum filter will last 50x as long before it needs to be cleaned or replaced its more fun to make chips when you can.